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Let our Network Specialists customize a security solution for you today!

IP & CCTV Video Security ...it means... peace of mind when you are away.

Video cameras allow you to:

Watch your cameras while you are on the premises they protect
Watch securely from any Internet connection around the world.

Store video recordings from your cameras:
                                         to a hard drive in a computer on-site
                                         over the Internet to a remote hard drive

Digital video is easy to archive to review specific footage.
Digital video recordings can be transferred online, and put on CD-Rom or DVD when portability is required.

Note: High Speed Internet connection is required.

Video Security is perfect for:

Private property entrances
Cash counter surveillance
Apartment and Hotel security and more.
Parking garages and lots

Installations can be made inside or outside the premises. Cameras are full colour in daylight, black and white at night. There is also an option for infra-red cameras for night vision.

Security Cameras
Prices subject to change without notice.
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