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Wireless and Satellite High Speed Internet
[Can I Get High Speed Internet]
Please provide the following contact information:
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As the towers are constructed and Satellite services are released we  will be able to advise you of avaiability in your area. To help us keep you informed about Satellite and Wireless High Speed Internet, we ask you to fill in this form.
and someone will be in contact with you.
For information on pricing visit  www.thebox.ca

For information on the companies visit   www.xplornet.com     www.gbtel.ca .
You will soon have High Speed Internet no matter where you live. 

Call us to find out how,  
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No matter where you live, high speed internet will be avaiable to you
before the year is out.  Wireless will be starting in early April with the
Satellite coming on line arround September. Fill in the form below and we will keep you informed on progress and pricing.